How CardMaster’s new module communications option makes new installations easier

Jan 22, 2023 | Accessories, Communications

Cardmaster Module New connectivity options for easy installation. It also simplifies the conversion of the module to existing Cardmaster fuel products. The devices are of two types: Internet / Cellular (u in our connectivity options sale) Local Area Network (Local Area Network) Module Share ApproximatelySee the image to the right showing the three parts of this mod. The standard CMII Cardmaster console is equipped with various communication options. These modules are available for all retrofit applications as well as new websites.

The module reduces the work area and is easier to install. From the point of view of the factory and the customer, the lead time from order to delivery is significantly reduced. CardMaster’s latest CM-4GM is the “Internet/Mobile” modem in modular form. With this service, Cardmaster can be accessed directly from a PC (office, home, hotel room, etc.) via an Internet connection.

Access to any or all computers in the office can be granted as needed at no additional charge. The Internet link connects to our secure remote server, which is freely accessible to the Cardmaster mobile modem. Our coverage is almost all of the United States. Please ask and we will check if your area has good coverage. The CM-LAN-M CardMaster can be supplied with a local network module.A LAN module typically has 350 connections between modules or \”nodes\”. You can use CM-LAN-M for Ethernet connections and local area networks.


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