CardMaster’s new module communications option makes new installations easier. It also facilitates easier retro-fitting the modules to existing CardMaster fueling sites. The modules come in two choices: Internet/cellular (75% of our communication option sales); Ethernet (local area network) modules represent about 24%. See the picture to your right showing the three sections of this modular approach.

About Products & Services

Communications Options

CardMaster is offered with a variety of communications options. These modules are all available for retro fit applications, as well as new sites.  Modules reduce field labor, and are less complex to install. From the factory and customer standpoints they also significatanly reduce lead time from order receipt to shipping. 

CM-4GM, CardMaster’s most recent innovation is our “Internet/Cellular” modem in module form. 

With this service the CardMaster is accessed directly from a PC (office, home, hotel room, etc) through an internet link. Access can be on any or all of the PCs in the office if desired, at no added cost. The internet link connects to our remote secure server, which in turn transparently accesses the CardMaster cellular modem. Our coverage is almost all of the US. Please ask and we will verify your location has good coverage.

CM-LAN-M CardMaster can be supplied with a module for Local Area Networks. Normally LAN modules are limited to 350′ of cableing between modules or “nodes”. You can use CM-LAN-M for Ethernet connections, and local area networks. 

Please call for more information :  Toll Free: 888-487-5040 Fax: 425-341-2049